Product Strategy

Category: "Bridge Software"

Our corporate product strategy is to focus on what we call "bridge software" - loosely defined as software that bridges the gap between larger categories of software.  These markets remain unserved because they are too small or uninteresting. Counter-examples would be Search or CRM, each of which is a huge and saturated market.

This is approach has it's risks. because we might end up so far out on the long tail that we never get critical mass. We're happy with this approach for a few years, despite that risk. We are a very small shop with much to learn, so this allows us to develop our underlying infrastructure, and get a foothold in the consumer software market.

First Product: Journaling Application

Our first product is in the early alpha stages of development.

Witn more features to come in future months, it begins as a modest journaling application. We're passionate about this new product, so of course we hope you will be too